Lawsuit Alleging Babybjorn Baby Carrier Causes or Contributes to Infant Hip Dysplasia Allowed to Proceed

A judge’s ruling has permitted the lawsuit filed against BabyBjorn AB to proceed. BabyBjorn, based in Sweden, had argued that it had not targeted California consumers and parents and so, it should not be subject to the court’s jurisdiction there. In response to those arguments, Andrus Anderson’s attorneys pointed to the fact that BabyBjorn had hired a Los Angeles-based marketing firm to assist with “product placement” of the BabyBjorn carriers in movies and television. The judge was convinced: “BB AB has purposefully availed itself of the privileges of conducting activities in California.”

If you have used a BabyBjorn wearable baby carrier and your child has hip dysplasia, contact our lawyers for a free consultation.