Judge Approves Equal Pay Class Action Against Disney, Trial on Behalf of 9,000 Women by October 2024

In the fall of 2024, Andrus Anderson LLP and their cocounsel will face off against The Walt Disney Company in an equal pay class action trial. Andrus Anderson, along with their cocounsel, represent the class of 9,000 women workers who allege that they have been paid less than their male counterparts doing substantially similar work.

Disney attempted to halt the class action, arguing, essentially, that each individual woman needed to bring her own lawsuit. The judge was not persuaded, and he ruled from the bench on December 8, 2023, that the case could proceed as a class.

Andrus Anderson partner Lori Andrus explained how Disney’s defense will break down at trial. “Disney’s argument is that this woman was paid less for this reason. That woman was paid less for that reason. And, her, over there, well she was paid less for yet another reason. They can’t possibly think that they are going to convince a jury that every woman at Disney deserved lower pay.”

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