Andrus Anderson Partners Profiled in Plaintiff Magazine

Plaintiff Magazine’s profile of Andrus Anderson LLP’s partners, Lori Andrus and Jennie Lee Anderson, explores the firm’s philosophy of “truth, justice and accountability.”

Lori Andrus explained how “I quickly came to understand the power of class actions and how important they are. I viewed them as an extension of the regulatory system — enforcing the law, holding companies accountable for the harm they do to lots of people. That’s a really powerful tool.”

The article recognizes Jennie Lee Anderson as a formidable advocate for consumer rights, highlighting her role as “lead counsel in multiple state or nationwide consumer class actions, including a mortgage loan class action that resulted in a more than $100 million settlement for borrowers.”

To learn more about the history of Andrus Anderson, and what drives Jennie Lee Anderson and Lori Andrus to work hard for their clients, read the complete article here.