Lori Andrus’ Advice on Litigating Equal Pay Cases Featured In Trial Magazine

In the June 2016 issue of Trial Magazine, attorney Lori Andrus examines how the federal Equal Pay Act can help Level the Playing Field for working women. This article is a must read for legal practitioners representing female workers.

In the article, Ms. Andrus explodes various myths about the causes of the gender wage gap, discusses the subtle sexism present in today’s workplaces, and explains how to successfully litigate an equal pay lawsuit.

In California alone, if female workers were paid the same as their male counterparts, they would earn an additional $33.6 billion annually. That means demanding fair pay is not just good for women, its good for the economy.

This is not just a “women’s issue,” either. Women are the primary or sole source of family income in 40 percent of households with children under eighteen. Its time for companies to close the gap once and for all. Our families deserve fair pay.

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