Andrus Anderson LLP Represents Individuals Injured In Pourable Gel Fuel Explosions

Andrus Anderson represents consumers who have suffered serious burns or other injuries as a result of the unexpected ignition of pourable gel fuel used in their firepots.  Until a recent recall, pourable gel fuel was sold by a number of manufacturers, including Bird Brain Inc., Bond Manufacturing, Sunjel Company (2 Burn Inc.), Fuel Barons Inc., Lamplight Farms Inc., Luminosities Inc. (Windflame), Pacific Décor Ltd., Real Flame, and Smart Solar Inc.  Often consumers are unable to see that the flame in their firepot is still ignited when they refill it with additional fuel gel.  This causes the gel to violently and unexpectedly ignite, exploding onto people and objects nearby.  Gel fuel can pose serious fire and burn risks to consumers that can potentially be fatal.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a recall for all of the above listed manufacturers fuel gel products in late 2011.  All pourable fuel gel, regardless of the manufacturer, has the potential to explode.  For more information on the potential dangers of pourable fuel gels, or to speak to an attorney to evaluate your case, please contact Andrus Anderson LLP by clicking here.