Andrus Anderson LLP Represents Bicyclists and Pedestrians In Collision and Road Defect Cases

The lawyers at Andrus Anderson LLP, with combined experience of over 25 years, represent bicyclists and pedestrians injured on the Bay Area’s busy streets and highways.

With cycling on the rise for commuting and recreation — there were 71% more bikes on the streets of S.F. in 2011 than in 2006 — there comes a downside: more bicycle/car accidents.  Even when cyclists and pedestrians take all appropriate precautions, urban drivers are all too frequently careless, rushed or simply inattentive.

In addition to unsafe drivers, cyclists face the risk of dangerous roadways.  Poorly designed roads, and roads in need of repair, may pose unique hazards to cyclists.  In some cases, the governmental entity that designed and maintains the roadway may bear some or all of the responsibility for the accident.  Andrus Anderson LLP has an understanding of such legal theories, and will evaluate your case with them in mind.

If you have been the victim of driver negligence or an unsafe roadway, contact Andrus Anderson LLP to help you hold those responsible to account.