Andrus Anderson LLP Profiled in San Francisco Daily Journal: “Stepping It Up”

Andrus Anderson founding partners, Lori E. Andrus and Jennie Lee Anderson, were profiled in the May 4, 2012 edition of the San Francisco Daily Journal and the Los Angeles Daily Journal.

The article, “Stepping It Up,” discusses how the two lawyers met and how they decided to leave larger firms and start their own firm five years ago. Given their extensive training and experience in large firm settings, Andrus Anderson LLP has a broad range of legal knowledge. “We don’t limit ourselves to one particular type of case,” Anderson said. “If a case comes through the door, and it’s a type we haven’t done before but we like it, we’re able to take it.”

Andrus Anderson LLP’s philosophy in representing the “little guy” means that clients get superior legal representation in a small firm setting, all on a contingency fee basis. “We tell clients, ‘We will work for you, and we will put in our lot with you. We only get paid if you get paid,” Andrus said.

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