Andrus Anderson Files Lawsuit Challenging Dangerous Working Conditions in Amazon Fulfillment Center

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – On June 11, 2020, Andrus Anderson LLP filed a lawsuit against AmazonFresh LLC, Prime Now LLC, and, Inc., (“Amazon”) in San Francisco Superior Court, alleging unsafe working conditions at Amazon’s Fulfillment Center, including practices that are inconsistent with local and state COVID-19 mandates.

Plaintiff Chiyomi Brent works as a “Picker” at the San Francisco Fulfillment Center and alleges that Amazon failed to implement reasonable policies to ensure employee safety in violation of multiple state and local mandates designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  Pickers in the Fulfillment Center scan and fill orders for groceries and other essentials for home delivery.  However, Pickers are required to use full body freezer suits and other equipment that are not cleaned between uses, presenting an unreasonable risk of COVID-19 infection.  Furthermore, Amazon’s 60-item-per-hour scanning quota makes it impossible for Pickers to maintain social distancing or proper sanitation, according to the complaint.

“Amazon is aware of the public health hazards alleged in the complaint, which we suspect are widespread, but it has refused to take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of its essential workers,” said Ms. Brent’s attorney, Jennie Lee Anderson of Andrus Anderson LLP.  “Needlessly increasing essential workers’ risk of infection is unacceptable, and Amazon’s lack of attention to safety poses a threat to the entire community,” Ms. Anderson said.

The Complaint alleges Amazon’s conduct violates state and local laws and constitutes a public nuisance.  Ms. Chiyomi is seeking damages, and declaratory and injunctive relief.  For more information about the case or about your rights in the workplace contact us to speak to an attorney.

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