Andrus Anderson Cheerleader Concussion Case Highlighted on Good Morning America

Andrus Anderson’s lawsuit on behalf of Melissa Martin, a former UC Berkeley Cheerleader who alleges her coaches bullied her into cheering after she sustained multiple concussions, is getting national media coverage and bringing long overdue attention to this important safety issue.  The story was recently covered by ABC News on Good Morning America.The lawsuit alleges that the defendants were negligent and violated California’s Student Athlete Bill of Rights and unfair competition law. “The biggest thing I want is change for cheerleaders,” Ms. Martin told Good Morning America.  “I want them to be safe. I want people to take them seriously, and I want them to treat them like athletes.”  Ms. Martin’s attorney, Andrus Anderson partner, Jennie Lee Anderson, says that defendants improperly treat cheerleaders like entertainers rather than the athletes they are.  “Concussions need to be taken seriously and cheerleaders should received the same high level medical care when they are injured as the athletes they support.”