Recent Successes

Consumer Protection:

More than $100 Million Settlement in Case Against Countrywide Home Loans over Option ARM Loans

Andrus Anderson LLP as co-lead counsel achieved a settlement of over $100 million on behalf of California homeowners in Ralston v. Mortgage Investors Group and Countrywide Home Loans, a case alleging that Countrywide created and maintained a correspondent lending program through which correspondent lenders sold Pay Option ARM loans that failed to disclose critical information such as the true interest rate on the loan and that negative amortization was certain to occur if the borrower adhered to the payment schedule provided by the defendants. Settlement Valued at $38 Million for Promised Credits and Fees Charged

Andrus Anderson LLP as co-lead counsel achieved a settlement valued at $38 million in In re Easy Saver Rewards Litigation on behalf of consumers who requested a $15 off credit when they purchased products on a Provide Commerce website, including, and were instead unknowingly enrolled in a so-called “rewards” program. The settlement, the final approval of which is currently on appeal, provides class members with both cash refunds and merchandise credits.

Toyota RAV4 Class Action Settlement Provided Full Compensation for Past Repairs to Class Members

Andrus Anderson LLP as co-lead counsel obtained a settlement in Milligan v. Toyota Motor Sales USA on behalf current and former owners of 2001-2003 Toyota RAV4 Vehicles, which plaintiffs alleged were equipped with defective Engine Control Modules (“ECMs”), which cause drivers to experience “hard shifting” and ultimately results in the automatic transmission failing prematurely. Under the settlement, class members could have their vehicles repaired under 10-year or 150,000 mile extended warranty program or be fully reimbursed for the costs of prior repairs.

Honda-Michelin PAX Run Flat Tire Settlement

Andrus Anderson LLP was co-lead counsel representing plaintiffs in statewide and nationwide class actions regarding vehicles manufactured by American Honda Motor Co., Inc., equipped with the PAX® Tire and Wheel Assembly System manufactured by Michelin North America, Inc. In these lawsuits, plaintiffs alleged that Honda and/or Michelin failed to disclose and concealed material information relating to the PAX Systems “run-flat” tires, including that repair and replacement of the tires is unreasonably inconvenient and expensive, and that the PAX tires wear prematurely. The firm achieved a nationwide settlement on behalf of owners providing, among other things, reimbursement for past repairs, and an extended warranty program.




More than $1 Billion for Purchasers of TFT-LCD Products

Andrus Anderson LLP was class counsel on behalf of consumers and business who purchased televisions and monitors containing thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal display (“TFT-LCD”) panels in the In re TFT-LCD (Flat Panel) Antitrust Litigation. Plaintiffs alleged that defendant manufacturers conspired to fix the prices of TFT-LCD panels, which resulted in the class paying too much for televisions and monitors containing the flat panels. The settlements totaled over $1 billion for class members.

Multiple Settlements With Airlines Over Fuel Surcharges

Andrus Anderson LLP is class counsel in In re Transpacific Passenger Air Transportation Antitrust Litigation, a class action alleging that defendant airlines illegally agreed to set the amount of fuel surcharges on long-haul passenger flights for transpacific routes. Multiple settlements have been achieved on behalf of passengers. The litigation is ongoing.

Andrus Anderson Partner Appointed Liaison Counsel in Lithium Ion Batteries Antitrust Litigation

Andrus Anderson LLP partner Jennie Lee Anderson was appointed Liaison Counsel for indirect purchaser plaintiffs in In re Lithium Ion Batteries Antitrust Litigation, representing consumers in a class action filed against Sony, Panasonic, Hitachi, LG Chem, Samsung, and Sanyo for allegedly conspiring to fix and raise the prices of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries in violation of U.S. antitrust law from 2002 to 2011.

Employee Rights:

Temporary Nurses Wage and Hour Litigation

Andrus Anderson LLP represents temporary nurses in several class action cases, seeking damages for failure to pay wages on a daily basis, unpaid transportation time and improper meal deductions in violation of California’s labor laws. As co-lead counsel, Andrus Anderson LLP has achieved settlements in two cases — Bolton v. U.S. Nursing and Freeman v. On Assignment –delivering significant monetary recovery to the individual nurses. A third case, Minns v. ACES, is on file in the Northern District of California and ongoing.

Veolia Water Wage and Hour Litigation

Andrus Anderson LLP as co-lead counsel achieved class-wide settlement on behalf of wastewater and water treatment plant operators, lab technicians, and mechanics with Veolia Water North America, Inc. Plaintiffs alleged that Veolia failed to pay its workers for all hours worked conducting remote monitoring tasks, time spent donning, doffing, and showering, and that Veolia violated the California Labor Code with its meal and rest break policies.

Individual Sex and Pregnancy Discrimination Cases   

Andrus Anderson LLP has recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars in confidential settlements on behalf of women who alleged they were discriminated against in the workplace because of their gender and/or pregnancy.

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death:

Andrus Anderson LLP has recovered millions of dollars on behalf of individuals harmed by the negligence of others.  Just a few examples of the results include:

  • Settlement of more than $900,000 in a product defect personal injury case
  • Settlement of more than $700,000 in a wrongful death matter
  • Settlement for the driver’s insurance policy limits on behalf of a pedestrian struck by a vehicle
  • Settlement of nearly $1,500,000 in a medical malpractice wrongful death case
  • Settlement of $515,000 in a product defect personal injury burn case
  • Settlements for the insurance policy limits on behalf of a cyclist struck by a vehicle