Referring Counsel

Andrus Anderson LLP is accepting new co-counseling arrangements in pending and prospective class action cases, as well as referrals in personal injury and mass tort matters.  Our expertise in the areas of Class Actions, Antitrust, Consumer Protection, Patient Safety and Personal Injury allows us to consistently bring the highest level of skill and professionalism to the table for the benefit of your clients.  We work on only a limited number of cases at any given time, bringing focus, thoughtful legal analysis and a personal touch to every case we accept.

If you are investigating a case you think may have a class component or that you believe should be filed in California, we are ideal partners who will collaborate and work cooperatively with you, while bringing procedural expertise, exceptional knowledge and the highest degree of professionalism and reputation to your case.

If you have individual cases to refer, you can rest assured that we treat every client’s case with individualized care and are dedicated to achieving the best result for each and every client, whether it be in a personal injury or mass tort case.

We welcome the opportunity to work with excellent counsel around the country.   Please contact us to discuss what we can do for you and your clients.