Consumer Protection


Consumer Fraud

State law provides special protections for consumers against a variety of unfair and predatory business practices. We work to vigorously protect the rights of everyday consumers. Consumer cases can encompass a variety of unfair, deceptive and harmful business practices, including deceptive consumer credit lending practices, abusive mortgage lending practices, market timing violations relating to the sale of variable annuities, and business practices that threaten the environment and/or public health.

Our attorneys have successfully represented individuals and classes of individuals who have been harmed by unfair and deceptive trade practices. To report an unfair or unlawful business practice, or to request more information regarding consumer protection matters and/or current litigation, please click here.


Defective Products

State and federal laws provide consumers with remedies for products that do not perform as warranted or as advertised. Our attorneys have experience and a demonstrated track record of successfully prosecuting claims on behalf of individuals and classes who have suffered economic or personal injury as the result of a defective product, or who have purchased products that simply did not work as represented.

If you have been injured by a defective product, or have purchased a product that does not perform as the manufacturer warranted or advertised, click here to request more information about your rights and potential remedies.