No Recovery, No Fee

The vast majority of legal representation Andrus Anderson LLP offers is performed on a contingency fee basis. In other words, you will not be responsible for any fees for legal services provided unless we obtain a favorable result in your case, or unless otherwise agreed upon at the outset of the legal representation. In most cases, we also advance all case costs until a favorable resolution is reached in your case.

Contingency fee arrangements play a critical role in the American civil justice system by providing access to the courts for individuals who would otherwise be unable to afford to hire an attorney. In the class action context, contingency fee arrangements allow similarly situated individuals to band together to enforce their rights, collectively, in situations where their individual losses may not be large enough to justify the high costs of litigation. Not only does this arrangement frequently result in monetary recovery for plaintiffs and class members, but the mechanism ultimately holds corporations accountable for illegal actions that may otherwise go unpunished.