Magic Bullet Lawsuits: Obtaining Justice For The Injured


Andrus Anderson represents victims who have been burned when their Magic Bullet blender exploded, sending hot liquids flying and causing serious burns to the user and those standing nearby. Thick soups–like the broccoli soup recipe Magic Bullet advertises in its User’s Manual–can be especially dangerous since the thick liquid sticks to the skin.

The Magic Bullet presents a heightened risk in homes with children: the fanciful name and marketing for the Magic Bullet, and its small, lightweight size, can be attractive to kids.

Andrus Anderson is aware of multiple reports of burns to the hands, arms and faces of Magic Bullet users, yet the manufacturer has not warned consumers of the danger, and has not issued a recall.

What is a Magic Bullet?

A Magic Bullet is a handheld blender, advertised as convenient and designed to “make your life easier.”  Thanks to aggressive television marketing, it is one of the best-selling appliances in the world. The manufacturer, Alchemy Worldwide, has generated more than 500 million dollars in revenue through sales of the Magic Bullet in more than 50 countries.

The Dangers of the Magic Bullet

When hot liquids are blended with the Magic Bullet, pressure builds up in the container, in some instances causing the lid to explode from the base. In spite of this danger, the manufacturer of the Magic Bullet actively encourages consumers to prepare hot soups and coffee drinks using the blender, and even recommends heating up Magic Bullet liquids in the microwave. The manufacturer does not warn sufficiently against the potential for explosion and burns, however.

Magic Bullet Lawyers

Families and individuals who have suffered injuries caused by an exploding Magic Bullet may be entitled to compensation from the manufacturer. Importantly, Andrus Anderson hopes to force the manufacturer to provide warnings and improve the design of the Magic Bullet so that others are protected from harm in the future.

The attorneys at Andrus Anderson have successfully handled burn injury cases, and are committed to holding corporations accountable when their products cause preventable harm.

If you or a loved one has used a Magic Bullet and suffered a serious burn injury, contact an Andrus Anderson attorney now for a free, no-obligation, confidential case evaluation.

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